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My name is Jhon Jair Grisales, founder and CEO of My Good Designers. I am ready for your project, lets talk, I can help you to be noticed, let me guide you and bring your ideas to life.

I will make your website, one of the best in this internet revolution!


When I was little I knew that I liked art, I discovered that I could draw and dream of being an artist, a painter, or even a technical artist.

Before arriving to the United States those dreams went away, work and conformity became excuses for not continuing my studies. In 1998 I left school, I still saw advertising signs, billboards, and I was very impressed by that. It was by then, that I learned what graphic design was, I did not understand it well but I knew it involved art and technical drawing.

Fortunately, in 2001 I made one of the best decisions of my life, marring my beautiful wife Dahiana, she was a great example for me to pursue my career, she always encourage me to go back to school, one day she stopped doing it. It was there when I realized that my dreams were not going to be reality if I did not take action.

In the year 2009, I was 34 years old, I went back to school, but it was different this time it was the university, it had been 11 years without studying. It was strange and difficult since English is my second language, but I learned to dominate it better and overcome that barrier. It was at this point in my life when I started my new path into graphic design.

In 2013, I started a small company (My Good Designers). I started working on my own as a freelancer, and I studied at the same time, I turned my living room into an office and started another adventure. I worked, studied, and was also a dad and husband at the same time.

2015 came around and I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in graphic designe, and I was recognized with high honors from the National  Honor Society.


Today I design for many companies, contractors, restaurants, and individuals that need help with their advertising needs for their own business.


Come visit me at my studio design today, we can talk about your goals and how to make your dreams come true as well!


I have an associate's degree in Applied Science of Graphic Design, Graduated with honors from County College of Morris. Earned a bachelor's degree with high honors from Kean University.


I have developed great skills on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign, also skills for web designing, marketing, and branding.

I will not be satisfied until you are satisfied! 

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